AVS Video Converter 13.0
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AVS Video Converter 13.0

Convert between popular video formats for various devices
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80.4 MB

Video converter with editing options. Has ready presets included to convert video for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and other devices. Allows to create DVD/Blu-ray videos, automate work via command line, and more.

AVS Video Converter is intended for transcoding media. Besides, it can also be used to edit video, create DVD discs and upload clips to the web. Tired of so many converters that look exactly the same, I really liked this tool´s compact interface.

The program supports a long array of formats, both as input and output, including high-definition profiles of up to 4k. Moreover, the possibility of processing a list of files in a single session definitely saves a lot of time and effort. You can feed this list by importing standard files or adding DVD video. However, it is a pity that it cannot record video directly from a camera.

Luckily, selecting an output profile has been made incredibly easy for inexpert users. Thus, you can simply use the tabs in the program´s ribbon to select the desired output format, the intended device and even the site to which you want to upload the resulting video. Still, it is also possible for advanced users to customize output parameters and create a new output preset. In addition, the movie can be directly burned to disc with the possibility of editing chapters and creating a DVD menu. It is a limitation, in my opinion, that you cannot use individual conversion profiles, which means that all the items on the list must be converted to the same output format. more

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  • Supports practically every format, including high definition
  • Compact interface
  • Basic editing features
  • Convenient video clipper
  • Burns to disc
  • Uploads clips to video sharing sites
  • Creates DVD menus


  • Cannot import from a camera
  • Cannot use individual conversion profiles

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Steve Wales
AVS Video Converter - I have loads of mp4 & mkv files that I added to a USB stick BUT my LG TV sees the files but wont play them. Anyone know how to convert them so I can watch them (to what type and profile), using AVS Video Converter. If no good, any other free tools that can do this Thanks

Aug 18, 2023 Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply
rating Guest
AVS Video Converter is a useful and compatible tool both for professionals and general use...I had little difficulty working with this program mainly due to its friendly interface! Many of my videos or films were incompatible with my LG Smart TV so I had to convert them...piece of cake with AVS Video Converter!

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rating FJM
OK big problem while trying AVS coverter.
I have an old movie on ISO. a Ma&Pa Kettle film 46 minutes long.
On ISO (7 VOB files most with 1G file sizes) I attempted to convert it to mp4 using AVS.
No matter how hard I tried the the smallest I could get AVS to convert to ended up with a 3.5Gig mp4 with this 46minute film and that was using the bit rate calculator to the smallest allowable size! And even then the film is un-watchable!
I finally used FreeMake in mp4 setting size to 640x480 (same as AVS) and 700 Bitrated at 24FPS and achieved a very nice mp4 @ 246MB!
Automation seems to be the biggest problem I ran into. AVS limits formats, allows no real user control and seems to be confused with these larger files in VOB. Freemake ignored the input size and allowed me to indicate size, bitrate (with no blocking if calculator said no) and Sound size and resulted in the expected results.
Unless I really missed something, I am at a lose? Pleas let me know and I will retry with second ISO.

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Just an FYI. Freemake was free... for a $5 donation I got full version that Automatically crops out black borders plus more. Best deal for a working converter.
Still having problems with AVS with VOB, but seems to work well with other formats. Also has a better effects editor than Freemake but I still use my Nero for these.

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